Monday, November 5, 2012

Ottawa Job of the Day: Nuclear Operator (Trainee)

Under supervision, to perform routine functions and other duties with specific instructions, in respect to the operation of the NRU Nuclear Research Reactor. The operator will train on an operating shift, carrying out tasks of increasing complexity under the guidance of experienced supervision and Nuclear Operators 1. Short classroom training courses and some self-directed computer-based training will complement the on-the-job training in the workplace.

To qualify as a Nuclear Operator 2, the NO Trainee would have to go through an eight-stage progression period of on-the-job training. Progression through the eight Trainee stages will occur at six-month intervals, provided the employee meets the training and skill requirements at each level. For a continuing full-time employee, progression to the Nuclear Operator 2 rate will normally occur after four years in the Trainee classification, subject to meeting the training and skill requirements.


An Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with credits in Mathematics (MCB4U), Chemistry (SCH3U), Physics (SPH3U), and English (ENG4U)


A minimum of Ontario Grade 12 advanced level plus four Ontario Academic Credits (OAC) in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and English


The equivalent in education to one of the above requirements.

Mechanical or hands-on operational experience would be an asset.

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