Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ottawa Job of the Day: Graphic Designer at Envision Online

This is your chance to change the face of the web, one site at a time. Envision Online is hiring one great designer who will provide original site designs and other graphics work for the web. If you have 3+ years of experience creating original designs for CMS-driven sites it could be you!

Deeply versed in user experience and user interface design, your websites are as easy to use as they are on the eyes. Your knowledge includes CSS, HTML and how a site’s moving parts work together.

You’ve come a long way since you got your design diploma. Now you’re a leader in design: highly active in the design community, your design tweets or blog posts are highly sought after. Maybe you’re even an RGD.

You’re definitely a professional when it comes to meeting deadlines and making presentations. Design is about communication, and you are a great communicator about design, relishing the opportunity to articulate your design decisions to non-designers, including clients.But when clients want to make design changes you’re understanding and accommodating, because after all it’s their baby too.

You have vision, but in the end you love what can happen in a highly collaborative environment.

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